Monday, July 21, 2008

New Location for this week's THUG meeting.

Dear THUG members,

Good news! We have found a NEW LOCATION with a PATIO for this Wednesday July 23rd's Toronto Houdini User Group meeting. The reservation has been made under the name "THUG" at the DUKE OF DEVON for 6:45pm.
The Duke Of Devon is located at: Toronto Dominion Centre, TD Tower, 66 Wellington Street West.
website for further info is:
We look forward to seeing you there!
PS: The patio is at first come first serve so if we are not sitting outside in the patio area when you arrive please don't forget to check inside for your fellow THUG members.

1 comment:

kodiak said...

Nice one, hopefully more of the gamers will drop their gear and check out the new location. Fingers crossed.

Do you take virtual members? Like print my photo on a piece of paper and a pint next to it? :D

take care everyone,