Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hello THUG members!

Our Wednesday meeting was a great success. Here is a recap of our accomplishments:

  • Drank beer.
  • Talked.
  • Drank more beer.
  • Voted Jim Price President, (while he was out at the toilet).
  • Voted Amir Shachar Vice President, (but he complained that he really wanted to be the President).
  • Jim returned from the toilet, and mumbled that he didn't really want to be President, so we made Amir President. Jim took on the role of Secretary.
  • Drank a few more beers.
  • Voted Mario Marengo and Jim Price as the Agenda Committee.
  • Jeff Higgins and Justin Ottley volunteered to present something at a SESI Technical Evenings, (and perhaps the next THUG meeting).
  • Keith Acheson volunteered to create a blog/web site for our THUG discussions.
  • Drank just a little bit more.
  • We agreed to schedule our meeting once a month, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month.
  • Jenny Blacklock agreed to book the Pub, and send out a reminder notice of the meetings.
  • Went home.
Our next meeting will be February 21st. Our agenda committee will let us know what agenda to prepare for, (drinking?). I hope that our next meeting will draw in even more members, (to whom we can assign various jobs).

All the best,


Mihail said...

It would be nice to have some sort of discussions or presentations specific to Houdini.

Sai said...

I missed the first one.
I will definitely be at the second one.
and yes it would be nice to have some sort of presentation .30 mins of demo ,tips and tricks or some workflow discussion will be nice.